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Cooradigbee Fossil Tour
On Cooradigbee walking, bushwalking, fishing, swimming, fossil field viewing excursions (no collecting is permitted), mountain biking and picnicing are all popular activities. In the Homestead garden you can while away the hours relaxing with a game of Boulle, Croquet or Chess, or merely sitting and absorbing the magnificent landscape.


Cooradigbee fossil tours  are available by appointment only (no collecting is permitted). Wee Jasper valley is basically an ancient seascape from Early Devonian times (400 million years old), where the old seabed has been turned on its side to expose the layers of sediment. The stratigraphy exposed covers a 10-12 million year timespan, exposing rich coral reefs, algae and fish remnants. The fish found include Lung fish, Placoderms and Acanthonians as well as many others. The area is world renowned for the quality of preservation of specimans. Tours take up to 2.5hours and cost is $15 for adults and $10 for children (there is a minumum charge of $110 for a tour)

For more details on fossil field viewing excursions  give us a call and arrange a time.

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ustralian flora includes the beautiful Xanthorrhoea grass trees, sarsparilla.and the rare Grevillea Iaspicular which is found only in Wee Jasper. Native grasses such as Mycroleena and Kangaroo Grass; Yellow and white box trees, Red and Scribbly gums, Casuarina and Kurrajong are also abundant.

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International group studying the fields

Australian fauna includes Goanas, Frillneck Lizards, Rough scale Skinks, Geckos, Sugar Glider, Ringtail and Brushtail Opossums, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Swamp and Red Neck Wallabies, Wallaroos, Wombats, Echidnas, Sugar Gliders, Bent Wing Bats, and numerous frog species.

Over 100 bird species have been spotted during the calendar year in Wee Jasper. These include Galahs, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Black Cockatoos, Kingfishers, Silver Eyes, Magpies, Currawongs, Superb Blue Wren, Robin Red Breast, Rosellas, Sea Eagles and Wedge Tail Eagles.

Check out our Events section for the latest activities happening around Cooradigbee.


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