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About Us

Wee Jasper Valley
The Wee Jasper Valley, NSW Australia

Our Vision

Our vision came about from the urgency to save the Cooradigbee Homestead from aged decay. While working on this, the real qualities that the building offered shone through. At Cooradigbee there is an essence that concentrates and restores balance within those who take the time to absorb the surroundings.

Our Objectives for You at
Cooradigbee ....

Cooradigbee Homestead
The Cooradigbee Homestead
 Cooradigbee Offers:
  • The environment for our guests to exceed their expectations
  • Benefits from relaxation or adventure that are long term. Much much more than guests merely achieving their goals.
  • Different perspective on life by experiencing the outstanding fossil fields and touching 400 million years with your finger tips!  


Ian & Helen
Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Ian and Helen Cathles are active agriculturalists, they firmly believe in the value of an agricultural industry for Australia and bridging the myths between the romance of rural and urban living.

They are passionate about quality and have a dedication to detail. Since learning about the Early Devonian fish fossils they have become enthusiastic about their responsibility for the protection and preservation of the fossils in situ.

Cooradigbee History

The Cooradigbee Homestead on its present site was built in 1911 for the Barber family. The Burrinjuck Dam was under construction at the time and the original homestead site would be flooded on completion. The homestead construction is Pise, (rammed earth) with horizontal layers of barbed wire used to reinforce the walls. The Cypress Pine floors and ceilings are original with skirtings, architraves and cornice made in cedar and the old front door still shows signs of burning in the 1939 bushfires.

Today Cooradigbee Homestead stands elegant and relaxed in the rural landscape, with the National Capital just a stones throw away.

Come and Enjoy!.


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